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Natanyah Peterkin

Author of Night Table - A book of erotic, soul enticing poetry that awakens all of your senses. Natanyah’s insight into sensuality, sex, and love making will remind you what it is to truly desire, again. This poetry is better than film, better than magazines. This book is definitely something you’ll want to share with yourself and/or your lover and keep it next to you on your Night Table.


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 Natanyah Peterkin's Latest Release

"Come water my Soil, Let your Wetness

Lubricante my Heaven
 I can feel the heat of the Sun  Penetrating through my veins"

"You are like honey, sweet, thick and rich, dripping from the heart of the honeycomb"


"My relationship has improved since I read Night Table."

Andrea S


"Night table is a amazing book, I've read it more than once. You got to read it with a deep passion."

Dwight J

                          "Step into the                                      deliciousness of intimacy

               Dive deep with Ms. Natanyah."



Dave Rogers

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